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December 2020: Telegram channel

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🏛 Open Government

We are archiving all .GOV and .MIL websites. Any changes will be preserved, any alterations detected! Read the full blog post here.

You can find it as the “Government US” category in the Advanced menu. It contains already more than 5 TB of public data.

📝 Trivia

  • Group-IB maintains a competitor list that is banned from attending their “CyberCrimeCon 2020” conference. See the list here.
  • We have purchased a WinRAR license! 🎉
  • Our storage servers are soon running out of… letters of the alphabet (simply due to the count of hard disks and the amount of drive letters required). Fortunately, drives can be mounted as folders. Screenshot here.
  • We started using 18 TB HDDs. Most of them work fine, but one crashed almost immediately due to a “bad block” causing file system corruption, a bugcheck in a driver, and subsequently the crash of the entire server.
  • Someone made more than 6 million requests to our in a short amount of time. We developed our own application firewall which is actively blocking the offender. Read details in this Twitter thread.

📰 Darknet marketplaces and hacks in the media

  • The SolarWinds Sunburst domain list was indexed here. These domains can be an indicator of compromise.
  • Joker’s Stash, a credit card marketplace, was temporarily disrupted (news article) by redirecting the domain “jstash.bazar”. One of the still active Tor domains “jstash5cxe6ixxb2.onion” is known in Intelligence X since 2016.
  • The Chinese Communits Party leak with 1.95 million members was indexed here.
  • Europol took down the Sipulimarket. Intelligence X has some historical versions. Twitter thread.

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