Newsletter 2020-08-27

Published on August 27, 2020 by

August 2020: Latest News & Statistics

Public API keys are retired

We have retired public API keys. All 3rd party tools and integrations must use per-user API keys. Note: This also affects SpiderFoot users. We have updated our SDK to reflect that change.

You can find your personal API key here:

In related news, the tool Intel Owl v1.5.0, which “analyze files, domains, IPs in multiple ways from a single API at scale”, was just released and supports our Phonebook API for observables:

New selector type: Bitmessage address

We have added support for Bitmessage addresses. Bitmessage is a “decentralized, encrypted, P2P protocol to send encrypted messages”. Bitmessage addresses are now being indexed across all of our data sources and made searchable.


Statistics and Data Growth

Sci-Hub update

In March, we started indexing public documents from Sci-Hub. We are now finished! In total, we indexed 84,374,229 documents which equals to 74 TB of data. Here is a breakdown of the selectors:

Total selectors: 237,111,135. Unique:
🔹 52,996,669 URLs
🔹 14,070,158 email addresses
🔹 4,678,421 domains
🔹 476 Bitcoin addresses
🔹 24 IPFS hashes

Tor hidden services

Current statistics of Tor hidden services (.onion domains):

🔹 51,498 active
🔹 3,566,621 inactive
🔹 239,867 spam/deleted/blacklisted

Active means alive within the last 7 days.

An interesting observation is that there are more spam domains than active ones. One recent example of removed spam was 29,630 hidden services having “owncloud” in its subdomain name with 375,814 associated website copies from our index using 1,267 MB of storage.

The road to 100 billion records

As we cross the mark of 25 billion records with 100+ TB of storage, it is time to set sail for 100 billion records. Read more in this blog post.

Hidden feature: Similarity hash

There is a hidden feature of Intelligence X to find phishing copies of darknet websites, even if they are slightly modified – similarity hashes. You can find the similarity hash of websites when you click on a search result and click on the History tab.

Here is an example search:

Kleissner Investments s.r.o., Na Strzi 1702/65, 14000 Prague, Czech Republic

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