Newsletter 2020-03-02

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March 2020: New Data Categories

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Private Data Leaks

We have revised our license system and launched a new data category exclusively for paid Professional users: Private Data Leaks. Trial accounts will see a preview, but you must be a paid member to fully access the category. For more details, read this blog post.


We started to index the publicly available documents from Sci-Hub. This category is available for free to all users. Sci-Hub hosts 80 million documents with a total size of 70 TB. Due to the large size, it will take us some time to complete the indexing. We will send updates as the indexing progresses.

You can try it out (this query searches for Microsoft):

Preview label to add transparency

We added a “Preview” label in the overview of search results to indicate which ones are available only partially to the user. Whether a result is fully available depends on the license associated with the user. A screenshot is available in the before mentioned blog post.

At the same time, we have removed the X-Score from the user interface to declutter it – especially since we are planning on rolling out new features in the next few months. The X-Score indicated a result’s relevancy and impacted its ranking; however, it was never properly explained to the end-user. For more details, read this blog post.

Third DDoS Attack

We were under a third DDoS attack on February 11, 2020. We received 177,261 HTTP requests in a time span of 2 hours from 2,682 unique IPv4s.

The attack had no impact on Intelligence X. During the investigation, we found 5 smaller attacks in December 2019 that went unnoticed due to their small size.
For more details, read this blog post.

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