Viruses on the Darknet

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When talking about viruses on the darknet, the focus is usually on malware that can be purchased or rented (which gets increasingly popular with ransomware). There are also viruses that use the darknet for C&C (command & control) purposes. However, this blog post investigates viruses on the darknet websites themselves – which are usually based on HTML, JavaScript or other scripting languages.

Our search index contains 13,158,345 items for Tor (since 2017) and 1,954,070 items for I2P (since 2018). We have extracted 410,647,035 selectors out of all those items.

Most of these items are websites (HTML documents), but we also store office documents and other file types like plaintext files. We scanned all 15 million items with ESET looking for viruses. Here’s the summary:

  • 1 file detected on I2P, which was actually a false-positive (see below)
  • 2944 files detected on Tor

I2P Virus Scan Result

There was 1 malicious file detected:

  • JS/Kryptik.BJG trojan

The HTML file is duplicated on 2 different I2P sites. You can find them here.

All it shows to the end-user is “You’ve reached a dead end…”. However, by looking at the HTML code, you can immediately find suspicious JavaScript code:

By using a JavaScript beautifier, we get this:

var s = "xvu!mjgf!mvm!)jg!zpv!dbo!tff!uijt!zpvsf!svoojoh!kbwbtdsjqu*";
 m = "";
 for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
     if (s.charCodeAt(i) == 28) {
         m += '&';
     } else if (s.charCodeAt(i) == 23) {
         m += '!';
     } else {
         m += String.fromCharCode(s.charCodeAt(i) - 1);

Instead of document.write, we can replace it with the function alert and run it. The result is:

wut life lul (if you can see this youre running javascript)

After all, this file is actually not malicious and can be considered a false positive.

Tor Virus Scan Result

Analyzing the first result

The first result is “HTML/TrojanDownloader.IFrame trojan” on the website “http://applegftmg7jnzwd.onion/imac4k-eurasia.html”: (visiting historical copies on Intelligence X is always safe, as we remove JavaScript and other potential malicious parts).

If you click on “Text-only”, you can see that the website writes ” Please enable JavaScript to do payment and to entering promo-code”.

To analyze this, the first step was to download the raw data (Actions -> Save File) and open it in a code editor. However, nothing suspicious appeared. The reason is that ESET detected a historical copy (not the latest one) on the target site. The first historical copy is from 2017-12-05.

By clicking through the results, the actual one is quickly identified (the storage identifier matches the file found by ESET):

With the latest version of the website, and the one identified as malicious by ESET, a comparison can be made:

In the right version, which was online for a maximum of 1 month in December 2017, this code appears:

<iframe style="height:1px" src="" frameborder=0 width=1></iframe> 

The domain is associated with Virut, according to Symantec. Virut, with a similar domain “” is an old friend and infected a North Korean website, as we published in this blog post.

It appears that either the website developer, or the web-server itself was at one point (around December 2017) infected with Virut.

Other Results

One detection is “PHP/WebShell.NBJ trojan” at the URL “http://karu7x2nsur5n7zo.onion/Webshells/Loaderz WEB Shell.php.txt”:

It is, as the name suggests, a web-shell. It contains a reference “Coded by Loader Pro-Hack.RU “.

Another detection is “UNIX/Coco.E virus”, which is a ZIP archive with the malware in it:

List of virus detections

390 different virus names were detected:

ASP/Ace.AH.Gen trojan
ASP/Ace.AI trojan
ASP/Ace.NAI.Gen trojan
ASP/Ace.NBA trojan
ASP/Ace.NBJ trojan
ASP/Ace.Q trojan
ASP/Agent.NAB.Gen trojan
ASP/Agent.NBB trojan
ASP/Webshell.I trojan
ASP/Webshell.K trojan
Alicia.Rar virus
Android/Exploit.Lotoor.EM trojan
Android/Exploit.Lotoor.EP trojan
Android/Spy.Kasandra.A trojan
BAT/CDEject.C trojan
BAT/KeyboardDisable.C trojan
BAT/KillFiles.NER trojan
BAT/KillWin.NAR trojan
BAT/SillyB.C virus
BAT/TrojanDropper.Tsun.A trojan
Burger.405.A virus
Burger.560.C virus
Burger.560.D virus
Cracked by RoN1N.exe Winrar 32bit Universal Patch.exe Winrar 64bit Universal Patch.exe
DOC/Agent.BE trojan
Eicar test file
Emperor Hacking Team.php
FreeBSD/Block.A worm
FreeBSD/Scalper.G worm
FreeBSD/Wowood.1200 virus
Generik.BDMQMPO trojan
Generik.DKGKOUJ trojan
Generik.EUNQNBA trojan
Generik.KPLJAKP trojan
Generik.NHCFDPB trojan
HE/Flys.B virus
HTML/Agent.CX trojan
HTML/Exploit.IframeBof trojan
HTML/Exploit.PHP.F trojan
HTML/Iframe.B trojan
HTML/Refresh.BC trojan
HTML/ScrInject.B trojan
HTML/TrojanDownloader.IFrame trojan
IRC/Lunatik.A worm
JS/Adware.Agent.AA application
JS/Agent.NCA trojan
JS/Agent.NLQ trojan
JS/Exploit.Agent.NMY trojan
JS/Exploit.CVE-2015-4495.A.Gen trojan
JS/Exploit.CVE-2016-9651.A trojan
JS/Exploit.JavaDepKit.A trojan
JS/Exploit.Pdfka.OIU.Gen trojan
JS/Exploit.Shellcode.A.gen trojan
JS/Kryptik.ALB trojan
JS/Kryptik.BM trojan
JS/Kryptik.BNG trojan
JS/Kryptik.QD trojan
JS/Kryptik.Y trojan
JS/TrojanDropper.Agent.NME trojan
Java/Agent.AB trojan
Java/Agent.U trojan
Java/Exploit.CVE-2010-0844.A trojan
Java/JSP.F trojan
Java/Jacksbot.AE trojan
Java/Jacksbot.AG trojan
Java/Jacksbot.AK trojan
Java/Jacksbot.AM trojan
Java/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NCJ trojan
Java/TrojanDownloader.OpenStream.AF trojan
Java/TrojanDownloader.OpenStream.NAY trojan
KIX/Ixlam.A virus
KillHDD.O trojan
Linux/Belesak.A trojan
Linux/Belesak.B trojan
Linux/Belesak.C trojan
Linux/Belesak.D trojan
Linux/Belesak.E trojan
Linux/Belesak.F trojan
Linux/Belesak.G trojan
Linux/Belesak.H trojan
Linux/Belesak.I trojan
Linux/Belesak.J trojan
Linux/Belesak.K trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.B trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.DX trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.ET trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.EX trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.EY trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.EZ trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.FA trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.FB trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.FD trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.FF trojan
Linux/Exploit.Agent.FI trojan
Linux/Exploit.CVE-2009-2698.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.CVE-2010-3301.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.CVE-2010-3301.C trojan
Linux/Exploit.CVE-2010-4077.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.CVE-2016-6664.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.Pulse.C trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.AG trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.AL trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.AN trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.AS trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.D trojan
Linux/Exploit.Small.S trojan
Linux/Exploit.Telnetd.A trojan
Linux/Exploit.Vmsplice.I trojan
Linux/Exploit.Vmsplice.J trojan
Linux/Flooder.Agent.AB trojan
Linux/Flooder.Agent.AC trojan
Linux/Flooder.Agent.AT trojan
Linux/Flooder.Agent.CG trojan
Linux/Flooder.Agent.EJ trojan
Linux/Flooder.H trojan
Linux/Flooder.L trojan
Linux/Flooder.S trojan
Linux/IRCBot.AU trojan
Linux/SSHDoor.DG trojan
Linux/Silvio.7381.B virus
Linux/Sshscan.A trojan
Linux/TrojanDownloader.Mirai.A trojan
Linux/TrojanDownloader.SH.JB trojan
Linux/Xorddos.C trojan
MSIL/Agent.AN trojan
MSIL/CoinMiner.GF trojan
MSIL/Filecoder.DataKeeper.A trojan
MSIL/Filecoder.Y trojan
MSIL/Injector.ANO trojan
MSIL/Injector.CBW trojan
MSIL/Injector.CKF trojan
MSIL/Injector.CMQ trojan
MSIL/Injector.FCX trojan
MSIL/Injector.FW trojan
MSIL/Injector.GGY trojan
MSIL/Injector.HJ trojan
MSIL/Injector.QX trojan
MSIL/Packed.Confuser.A suspicious application
MSIL/Riskware.Crypter.QR application
MSIL/Spy.Keylogger.BVI trojan
NSIS/Injector.XC trojan
Nobeast.A virus
Nobeast.B virus
Nobeast.H virus
Nobeast.K virus
OSX/Exploit.Small.G trojan
OSX/Exploit.VLC.B trojan
PHP/Agent.D trojan
PHP/Agent.GK trojan
PHP/Agent.JJ trojan
PHP/Agent.N trojan
PHP/Agent.NBG trojan
PHP/Agent.NBH trojan
PHP/Agent.NBJ trojan
PHP/Agent.NBK trojan
PHP/Agent.NBO trojan
PHP/Agent.NBS trojan
PHP/Agent.NBU trojan
PHP/Agent.NBV trojan
PHP/Agent.NBW trojan
PHP/Agent.NBX trojan
PHP/Agent.NBZ trojan
PHP/Agent.NCA trojan
PHP/Agent.NCD trojan
PHP/Agent.NCE trojan
PHP/Agent.NCG trojan
PHP/Agent.NCH trojan
PHP/Agent.NCJ trojan
PHP/Agent.NCQ trojan
PHP/Agent.NCS trojan
PHP/Agent.NCU trojan
PHP/Agent.NCV trojan
PHP/Agent.NEN trojan
PHP/Agent.NET trojan
PHP/Agent.NFC trojan
PHP/Agent.NFL trojan
PHP/Ajash.A trojan
PHP/C99Shell.A trojan
PHP/C99Shell.F trojan
PHP/C99Shell.NAF trojan
PHP/C99Shell.NAG trojan
PHP/C99Shell.NAP trojan
PHP/C99Shell.NAW trojan
PHP/C99Shell.W trojan
PHP/Exploit.Chaploit trojan
PHP/Flooder.Agent.NAA virus
PHP/Haxplorer.A virus
PHP/Kryptik.AE trojan
PHP/Kryptik.AJ trojan
PHP/Mailar.G trojan
PHP/Pbot.B trojan
PHP/PhPen.C trojan
PHP/Phishing.Agent.B trojan
PHP/Phishing.Agent.W trojan
PHP/PhpShell.NAF trojan
PHP/PhpShell.NAG trojan
PHP/PhpShell.NAO trojan
PHP/PhpShell.NAP trojan
PHP/PhpShell.NAQ trojan
PHP/PhpSpy.B trojan
PHP/RemoteAdmin.RemView.A application
PHP/Rst.AK trojan
PHP/Rst.G trojan
PHP/Rst.R trojan
PHP/Small.NAH trojan
PHP/Small.NAL trojan
PHP/Small.NAO trojan
PHP/WebShell.F trojan
PHP/WebShell.N trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAF trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAH trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAN trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAO trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAP trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAY trojan
PHP/WebShell.NAZ trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBA trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBC trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBE trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBG trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBI trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBJ trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBK trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBL trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBM trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBN trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBR trojan
PHP/WebShell.NBS trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCA trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCD trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCF trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCG trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCH trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCL trojan
PHP/WebShell.NCT trojan
PHP/WebShell.NDA trojan
PHP/WebShell.NDH trojan
PHP/WebShell.NDQ trojan
PHP/WebShell.NEA trojan
PHP/WebShell.NEH trojan
PHP/WebShell.NFS trojan
PHP/WebShell.NFT trojan
PHP/WebShell.NFU trojan
PHP/WebShell.NFV trojan
PHP/WebShell.P trojan
PHP/Zapchast.NAT trojan
PHP/Zonie trojan
Perl/DoS.Vqserver trojan
Perl/Exploit.ASPNuke.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.AWStats trojan
Perl/Exploit.Arpus.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.CAN.1999-1184 trojan
Perl/Exploit.Cisco.514flood trojan
Perl/Exploit.D2KBLOG trojan
Perl/Exploit.Ftpd.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.AN trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.AQ trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.AS trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.AX trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.AZ trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BF trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BI trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BM trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BR trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BU trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.BW trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.C trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.E trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.F trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.G trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.L trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.M trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.N trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.T trojan
Perl/Exploit.Generic.V trojan
Perl/Exploit.Htget.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Htpass.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.JaZip.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Kce.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Local.H trojan
Perl/Exploit.Local.I trojan
Perl/Exploit.Manpag.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Osh.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Psnup.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.ResDmp.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.SWF.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Seyon.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Shell trojan
Perl/Exploit.Small.D trojan
Perl/Exploit.Small.I trojan
Perl/Exploit.Small.J trojan
Perl/Exploit.Small.K trojan
Perl/Exploit.Trapset.A trojan
Perl/Exploit.Verit.B trojan
Perl/Exploit.WSFT trojan
Perl/Exploit.Webmin.A trojan
Perl/GammaShell.A trojan
Perl/HackTool.Cgiluder.B trojan
Perl/HackTool.Cgiluder.C trojan
Perl/HackTool.TransRoot trojan
Perl/WebShell.A trojan
PowerShell/Agent.A trojan
Python/Exploit.CVE-2012-0297.A trojan
Python/Exploit.CVE-2012-0297.B trojan
Python/Exploit.CVE-2014-1912.B trojan
Python/Exploit.Infosvr.A trojan
Python/Filecoder.AC trojan
Python/Pupy.C trojan
Simorgh Security MGZ.php
Trivial.44.B virus
Trivial.46.A virus
UNIX/Coco.E virus
UNIX/Sizer.A virus
Unix/Exploit.Cdrecord trojan
Unix/Exploit.Cliph.A trojan
Unix/Exploit.Exmi.A trojan
Unix/Exploit.Generic.A trojan
Unix/Exploit.Kon trojan
Unix/Exploit.Man.A trojan
Unix/Exploit.Yubin.A trojan
VBS/Agent.NXA trojan
VBS/Alcaul.Aguil worm
VBS/DisableSecurity trojan
VBS/Exploit.POC.A trojan
VBS/Kryptik.HC trojan
VBS/LoveLetter.NAN virus
VBS/Naibav.A worm
VBS/Pluta.B worm
VBS/Polsev.A worm
VBS/TrojanDownloader.Small.NAZ trojan
VBS/TrojanDropper.Tsunami.A trojan
VBS/Tsunami.A virus
Vrsion 1.0.0
W97M/Toraja.gen virus
Win32/Adware.HiRu.L application
Win32/Agent.WVB trojan
Win32/Agent.WVC trojan
Win32/Belesak.L trojan
Win32/CoinMiner.S trojan
Win32/Corco.A worm
Win32/Crytes.AA worm
Win32/Delf.D worm
Win32/Delf.E worm
Win32/Delf.F worm
Win32/Delf.NAA worm
Win32/Delf.NGG trojan
Win32/Dottun.AA trojan
Win32/Filecoder.GandCrab trojan
Win32/Filecoder.GandCrab.D trojan
Win32/Filecoder.WannaCryptor.D trojan
Win32/GenKryptik.BHPN trojan
Win32/Godog.NAB virus
Win32/HackTool.Agent.NAS trojan
Win32/Injector.CBWZ trojan
Win32/Injector.DRAM trojan
Win32/Injector.IKW trojan
Win32/Lisa worm
Win32/Music.E virus
Win32/NGVCK.NAI.gener1 virus
Win32/PSW.Fareit.A trojan
Win32/PSW.Fignotok.H trojan
Win32/Packed.ASProtect.AAB trojan
Win32/Packed.Themida.BLU trojan
Win32/Packed.VMProtect.AAH trojan
Win32/Paq.A worm
Win32/Parite.B virus
Win32/Ramnit.A virus
Win32/RiskWare.Bruter.A application
Win32/RiskWare.Mimikatz.A application
Win32/Sality.NBA virus
Win32/Sednit.BN trojan
Win32/Slaman.L virus
Win32/Slaman.M virus
Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.NJA trojan
Win32/Spy.Small.NCP trojan
Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW trojan
Win32/Tolone.B virus
Win32/TrojanDropper.AHK.AAO trojan
Win32/TrojanDropper.Agent.V trojan
Win32/VB.AYS trojan
Win32/VB.NDG trojan
Win32/VB.NIF trojan
Win32/Vnfraye.A trojan
Win64/Riskware.Mimikatz.A application
Win95/VVD trojan

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