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2023 New Year’s Special 🍾

Our New Year’s Special is live! 🍾πŸ₯‚

  • 1-month license for € 50!
  • This offer is valid for a week until January 7, 2023.
  • Full access (same as Researcher license).
  • This equals to a 76% discount.

You can order it here: πŸ’Έ

2022 for Intelligence X

2022 was an incredible year for us. Our dataset grew to over 100 billion records! Our team had a lot of fun continuing the development of our search engine, and we would like to thank our customers for their trust and support.

Crypto Feed

In Q4, we developed a new product that we haven’t announced yet: A crypto data feed! This is essentially a huge list of Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, where they appear, and any other metadata we have available. In 2022 we added support for Ethereum addresses across the search engine. The new algorithm is being applied against our entire dataset, so Ethereum addresses will be searchable retroactively.

This product is for companies that engage in Blockchain intelligence and threat intelligence in general. Contact us if you are interested! At the moment the full feed contains (and is growing daily) information about:

  • 12.134.773 Bitcoin addresses
  • 1.245.570 Ethereum addresses

We will soon provide a small subset of this data feed to the public for free. It will be first announced on Twitter.

Busy Lawyers

Last year our legal team was quite busy. We received a wave of attacks including death threats, threats of terrorism, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, doxxing, stalking, hate crimes, ddos attacks, and others.

We lawyered up in multiple jurisdictions and established a direct communication channel to the FBI, as well as the Turkish National Police.

We are in active litigation against the US company Cloudflare Inc. due to the aforementioned attacks and their role, and in a different matter, against the Czech company NetAssist International s.r.o. who operates with questionable clients in our backyard.

Unwinding these attacks will likely take months, if not years. We already filed several criminal complaints and have several more criminal complaints pending against the attackers.

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