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At Intelligence X we categorize data sources into buckets. Buckets can be used as filters and to broadly identify the source of individual search results. For example, the bucket “Darknet Tor” indicates the result origins from some a Tor hidden service (.onion domain) and was collected by our Tor crawler.

Buckets have human readable names and machine readable names, in the above example, it is “darknet.tor”. Another one would be “” for data coming from the public web .com domains.

Note that access to some buckets is restricted to paid licenses, while some may be available as partial preview, and others may be available fully redacted, depending on your license.

Filter via API

You can use buckets as filters to only search specific buckets. Specifying “” in the buckets filter (for the API endpoint /intelligent/search) will only search in that bucket.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most important buckets available. Buckets may be added and remove at any time.

darknet.i2pI2P Darknet, .i2p sites
darknet.torTor Darknet, .onion sites
documents.public.scihubDocuments Public: Sci-Hub
dumpsterDumpster: Everything that does not fit anywhere else
dumpster.web.1Dumpster: Interesting other websites with high-value information
dumpster.web.ssnDumpster: SSN related websites
leaks.logsBot logs: Data collected by and leaked from viruses
leaks.private.generalRestricted Leaks
leaks.public.generalPublic Leaks
leaks.public.wikileaksWikiLeaks: Published leaked emails and documents, Snowden Documents, Cryptome
patent.usPatents: US
usenetUsenet Governmental Public Sites
web.public.afPublic Web
web.public.amsPublic Web
web.public.aqPublic Web
web.public.businessPublic Web
web.public.ceePublic Web
web.public.cnPublic Web
web.public.comPublic Web: .COM
web.public.dePublic Web: Germany. AT, DE, LU, CH
web.public.euPublic Web: EU
web.public.govPublic Web: Government US
web.public.infoPublic Web: .INFO
web.public.kpNorth Korea: Public Government Sites
web.public.meaPublic Web
web.public.miscPublic Web
web.public.netPublic Web: .NET
web.public.nordPublic Web
web.public.ocPublic Web
web.public.orgPublic Web: .ORG
web.public.peerPublic Web: Decentralized blockchain based TLDs, BIT, BAZAR
web.public.ruPublic Web: Russia. UA, KZ, RU
web.public.socialPublic Web
web.public.techPublic Web
web.public.wePublic Web
whoisWhois data

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