Intelligence X welcomes seasoned Security Expert to Advisory Board

Published on December 2, 2021 by

Co-Founder of QuoScient GmbH and QuoLab Technologies Inc., former Global Head of Malware Research and Response at Deutsche Bank joins Intelligence X’s newly created advisory board as the company is gaining momentum.

“We are very happy to welcome Fabien today to our advisory board at a time when we keep expanding on our services beyond collecting data, but also to provide additional value to a growing customer base”, says Peter Kleissner, CEO of Intelligence X. “Fabien brings broad hands-on experience in terms of cyber security operations, both from the technical use cases and product strategy points of view, which will without a doubt greatly support Intelligence X in its mission to deliver the best in class capability to our customers.”

Fabien Dombard brings over 15 years of experience in the enterprise security industry. After his debut as security consultant, he worked for Deutsche Bank establishing the bank’s security center of excellence to analyze threats and protect the company against modern attacks. He then co-founded QuoScient GmbH, which later relocated to the US as QuoLab Technologies Inc., to develop a collaborative incident response platform and threat data fusions platform. Today he keeps supporting organizations with maturing their cyber security operations as well as advising cyber security companies with their market and product strategies.

“I am following Intelligence X since its debut and am amazed by its growth, but even more by the potential to further develop going forward. From an open source intelligence investigation platform it is now growing into a strong actor within the Digital Risk Protection segment, thanks to Peter’s team’s relentless efforts to increasing the visibility for Intelligence X customers toward unwanted data exposures.”

About Intelligence X

Intelligence X is an independent European technology company founded in 2018 by Peter Kleissner. The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Its mission is to offer a search engine and massive data archive spanning from open sources to places such as the darknet, keeping historical archive of results to maintain historical copies of the original source.

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