Newsletter 2021-02-20

Published on February 20, 2021 by

February 2021: Launch of the European Internet Archive

The European Internet Archive just launched! 🎉🥳

225 TLDs added to the list of web crawling

We have added 225 top-level domains (TLDs) to the list of web crawling. Find the full list and how we are categorizing them in this blog post.

Our dataset is now growing by 4 billion records per month!

Bot Logs

We have added the new category “Bot Logs”. It contains data collected by and leaked from viruses such as AZORult. Such data is often sold on marketplaces such as the Genesis Market. We decided to index such data into this new category to help filtering out relevant results. You can find this new category in the Advanced menu.

“COMB” leak with 3.2 billion records

A leak with 3.2 billion records titled COMB (Compilation of Many Breaches) was reported here. We are currently indexing this data. You can find it as new category “Leaks COMB”.

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