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January 2021: Capitol Hill Riots Archive, New Features

Our dataset contains now 30 billion records and grows by +3 billion every month. Last year has been incredible for us. We are growing by any metric – all organically. Searches are up 113% Q-on-Q and our user base is growing sustainably at 18% month-on-month.

Capitol Hill Riots

We have sprung into action on January 6, 2021 when Twitter and Facebook started to delete videos of the Capitol Hill riots. It is important evidence for law enforcement & the public. Use the “Tree View” tab to see all pictures and videos! Link:

You can find the public FTP details (containing 200 GB of media) in this tweet. Our efforts on this has been mentioned in the news:

Excel like Viewer

We launched an embedded Excel-like viewer! It will automatically appear for all CSV and XLSX files. This new feature was tricky because of different delimiters, formats, and many edge cases to consider. The text-only tab is still available to show the data as plaintext.

A good example is an archive of former President Trump’s tweets:

Native Video and Audio Players

Another new feature we released is native video and audio players. You can try out video streaming by the link on the top regarding the Capitol Hill Riots.

Here is an audio example: North Korea music

📝 Trivia

  • We ran into an exotic Windows issue: one of our key-value databases maxed out the NTFS file fragment count. While the database is stored as 1 file on disk, NTFS stores it internally as millions of little fragments, eventually hitting an internal limit and preventing the file from growing.
  • We are upgrading our peer uplink to 10 Gbit!

📰 Darknet marketplaces and hacks

  • ViceLeaker which allegedly has ties to the Iranian government got internal documents exposed on a Telegram channel. It is indexed here. Use the Tree View to switch to the Telegram messages.
  • Marketplace “DarkMarket” has been seized by Europol and friends. Our first archived copy (link 🔒) dates to July 2019. There is not a lot of information crawled, but at least a few pointers including the onion domains used over time. Read Europol’s press release.
  • There is a follow-up on the WeLeakInfo takedown. Police apparently arrested 21 customers according to this news report.

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