Our statement regarding Ledger’s Content Removal Request

Published on December 21, 2020 by

Today at 13:14 we have received the following Content Removal Request from Ledger regarding this search result.

[…] By making this database public, the privacy of over 1 million individuals is violated, which places them at risk of, amongst other things, phishing attacks. We respectfully request that you expeditiously remove the thread. Our client is engaged in crypto currency transaction services and the online presence of the leaked database poses a very serious threat and risk of fraud for Ledger Wallet users. If there is anything that may be preventing you from cooperating with this legitimate takedown request, please let us know. Thank you for your co-operation!

We have rejected it:

Dear [Agent of Ledger],

Thank you for your content removal request and message.

We strongly reject the notion that we are “making this database public”. The file in question is already public on multiple sources on the web. The file was indexed from a public source.
Therefore we reject your content removal request.

We strongly reject that we are putting anyone at risk. Our users receive alerts and can use Intelligence X to identify whether they are impacted. There is a strong public interest and legitimate interest in having this data indexed.

Kind regards,

[Intelligence X]

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