Newsletter 2020-11-17

Published on November 17, 2020 by

🎙️ Join the webinar with Media Sonar

Tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST (= 20:00 CET) we are hosting a webinar with Media Sonar!

Sign up here:

The title is “How Analysts Use OSINT and Dark Web for Cyber Investigations”. Our CEO will talk about how you can use Intelligence X, and will give some background details and answer questions.

Media Sonar solves the problem of operationalizing OSINT investigations with action-based lookups of robust point of interest data from sources like Intelligence X.

Other Updates

  • The Internet Archive announced, “NEW: fact-checking & context banners now on some #WaybackMachine pages”. There is a long discussion in this Twitter thread. We oppose the idea of a historical archive altering content and “provide a yellow context banner” that is subject to 3rd parties. We will certainly not follow suit.
  • A report unveiled a draft of an EU Council resolution to essentially backdoor end-to-end encryption – not a good idea either.
  • D3Lab reported “All leaked data owned by cit0day[.]in (closed in September by the FBI) were published on the deep web! The archive contains leaks of over 21 thousand different websites, over 50GB of uncompressed data.”. This data is searchable via Intelligence X.
  • We are currently preparing to extend our public web crawling to all major TLDs. In the next days you will see new data categories becoming available! We ordered multiple 18 TB HDDs to provide enough storage for the new data. Currently only a selected number of TLDs are being crawled (among them .com, .de, .ru, .at, .lu, .ch, .ua, .kz).

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