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Press release / Vienna / October 10, 2018

Global launch of Intelligence X: First search engine for the darknet goes online

Programmer and IT security analyst Peter Kleissner launches Intelligence X – the first search engine that can be used to investigate whether personal or sensitive data have been leaked on the internet. Website available now at intelx.io

Vienna, October 10, 2018: Want a simple way to check at any time whether personal data are circulating on the internet or involved in a leak? What has so far only been possible for IT specialists and companies can now be done by anybody in a matter of seconds with Intelligence X. While conventional search engines are normally used to look for a wide range of everyday information, Intelligence X helps you find the needle in the digital haystack. Rather than searching for names or images, Intelligence X instead targets email addresses, domains, credit card numbers, IP addresses or phone numbers.

“With Intelligence X, we have created the first search engine that lets you easily determine whether personal data are circulating on the internet or possibly affected by an information leak. Unlike conventional search engines, we dig much deeper with Intelligence X, sifting through even the remotest parts of the internet,” announces IT security analyst and founder of Intelligence X, Peter Kleissner, at the presentation of the search engine in Vienna.

Search the darknet at the click of a mouse

Intelligence X is specifically designed to search parts of the internet that are ignored by conventional search engines. Such areas include the darknet and other normally inaccessible parts of the internet, like peer-to-peer systems. The search results are determined by algorithms and ranked according to an X-score that specifies their relevance. Each individual result is provided together with a detailed view that shows the original document and lists meta information such as the date. Even search terms contained in a document (an email address in a PDF file, for example) are automatically listed.

Cyber security for companies

In addition to the free search engine, Intelligence X offers companies and organizations a premium model for a monthly subscription fee of €99 per user. “For the first time, we offer companies and organizations a tool that makes it possible to check in real time and at any time whether business or user data are being leaked and misused on the internet. This represents a milestone in IT and data security,” says Kleissner.

The premium model provides more detailed search results and some features designed for professional use, such as a notification function and the possibility to integrate Intelligence X into existing business processes.

About Peter Kleissner

Peter Kleissner, who hails from Austria, is the founder, developer and CEO of Intelligence X and made a name for himself in the IT sector at just 18 years of age. He has been a programmer and consultant in the IT security industry for over ten years. After working as a security analyst for Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Kleissner developed the world’s largest botnet monitoring system, “Virus Tracker”, which he then sold to the US company LookingGlass Cyber Solutions in 2015. The launch of Intelligence X marks the peak of his career as an IT security specialist and entrepreneur to date.

Brief outline of Intelligence X

Intelligence X is an independent European technology business that was founded by Peter Kleissner in 2018. The company, which is based in Prague, operates a search engine with the same name as well as a data archive. For the first time, this free search engine provides a quick and easy to way to determine whether your personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses or credit card data are circulating on the internet or involved in an information leak. Unlike conventional search engines, Intelligence X scans all parts of the internet, including the darknet (e.g. Tor). In addition to the free search engine, Intelligence X offers a subscription-based model adapted to corporate requirements. More information at https://intelx.io.



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